Board Story #001- 9’5” Gato Heroi Creme


American surfer and shaper Evan Daley of Creme surfboards shaped this euphoric fruit smoothie looking luxury of a board. Emulating the Playboy model, inspired by the mid-60s Australian surfboard history, the Playdate shares many of the same characteristics as its founding father, but works to provide a more accessible experience. The Playdate highlights many of the golden qualities of the Playboy, but it proposes ease when riding and outstanding performance. Although a lack of heavy contours may sound uninspiring, the boards quality shape is perfect for nose-riding and easy maneuverability. The board’s rounded nose, square tail, and soft rails offer the perfect board that glides so gently across the water. As its playful title suggests, the shape and the abstract art combine to create truly relaxed and nostalgic sessions. The boards eccentric art and articulate shape are carefully curated to provide the rider with a unique experience. This board was sold at stokenbroke.

Jana Ariss